I can help you find your Russian relatives

Whatever might be said about the translator’s life, it is not boring, that’s for sure. Recently Ancestors in the Attic, a Canadian TV show, contacted me about translating some letters of a long-dead father of a Canadian woman. He was in the Volunteer Army and left Russia together with the Army when it retreated. According to some letters, his brother made it out of Russia as well, initially to Prague, but then all connections were lost. If this woman finds her father’s brother or his descendants, the producers will make another episode of the show. I vainly hope they will put my name in the credits list.

This gave me a business idea: I could help people find their relatives by translating their letters and providing some comments to put them in historical context. I registered a domain for this, findyourpast.ca. I could even illustrate it with beautiful photos restored by Alex Gridenko.