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Online bookstore rant (a comparative study of online bookstores)

After the emotional ordeal of yesterday (no, seriously, how do you like that? I have been a loyal member for about 9 years, never lost or damaged a single book, and they block my account without as much as saying hello, as if I were a delinquent teenager who pulls out pages to make joints), I decided to order books online (f*** you, Toronto Public Library). I assembled identical shopping carts on three major online bookstore websites, and the results were very interesting. (prices in CAN$) (prices in US$) (prices in CAN$)
Order cost 44.48 33.56 48.14 (with 10% iRewards discount)
Taxes 2.22 n/a 2.41
Shipping Free 16.96 Free
Total cost 46.70 50.52 50.55
Estimated shipping date Oct 20 – Nov 28 September 22-30 not indicated, but pretty much like next day, see here
Delivery time or date 2-3 business days October 1-16 3-9 business days

There are some very interesting questions that arise after perusing this table.

1. How come the books on, even with international shipping, cost less (considering the exchange rate) than free-delivered, loyalty-card-discounted books of a Canadian online store?

2. How come the delivery date of (crossing the border and all) is sooner than the shipping date on

3. Why does it take 6 to 8 week to ship 3 books? Do they deliver them to the assembling point in a dogsled? (Right, that would explain the date; they are probably waiting for the snow to make the roads passable for dogsleds).

4. What’s the use of telling your customers how long the delivery takes if you don’t tell them the shipping date (

Now I am facing a hard dilemma: shall I opt for the fastest delivery, lowest price, or choose Canadian?