Some functionality Amazon is missing

Just something that occurred to me recently while I was looking for this book to buy it online. (I needed it for my translation work on “The Children’s Book” that is full of references to British mythology; the book was recommended by ASB herself.) I found the book at for $70, and decided I cannot afford it. Then I entered it into my wishlist but that did not help a lot. Finally a good and kind soul checked for me and, hoorray, there it was, for $20, including shipping.

This simple story made me believe there are two important pieces of functionality that Amazon is missing.

1. There should be an option for the people to contribute small amounts towards somebody’s wishlist. Right now, if I am not mistaken, if I want to buy someone a gift from their wishlist I can only splurge for the entire book, which can be tricky if the book in question is expensive. It is much easier for 5-10 people to contribute smaller amounts. This would be especially convenient for groups of friends, relatives etc. who want to give an expensive item (think rare editions, anniversary gifts etc.)

2. There should be an option for searching “other Amazons” if the book is not at Right now you have to do it manually: go to, and so on which is a) non-intuitive and b) tedious. It would never occur to me to look at if it were not for that friend’s kindness.

Free new books for book lovers – just publish your review afterwards

Do you like to read? Do you spend a ton of money on books? Do you love to share your book opinions with other people? is for you! Just go and select the books. The publisher will even pay for the shipping. The only thing you have to do is to blog about the books you got.
(You have to be in Canada or US. Shipping to other countries may be arranged for some books, but you have to check.)


2 of 3 books I ordered on Sunday (decided to go with are already here! That’s free delivery, and it happened within three days. Yay for! They are the fastest!

P.S. I should note they were the most expensive too, about 5% over, even with the iRewards card which by the way I am probably not going to renew (more on that in the next entries). 5%, however, isn’t that much if you are looking at getting your books in 3 days instead of two weeks (or, God forbid, 2.5 months as offers).

UPDATE. The third book arrived 2 days later. Yay indigo!