My article for Blog Idol contest: My Microsoft Outlook Connector suddenly stopped working

Our dependency on technology becomes rather alarming.

If a global disaster strikes and you live in the country in an 18-century house, you will be able to get some firewood in the forest, bring water in a bucket from the river, catch a rabbit with a snare made of your suspenders, and roast that rabbit in your fireplace, or, at worst, on a barbecue in your backyard. And you will be able to have a proper outhouse of the system our great-grandfathers used.

If a global disaster strikes and you live in the city, on the 18th floor of an apartment building, you are helpless. There is no water source, no way of using the washroom and no way to cook food (most certainly your cooker uses gas or electricity).

What I wanted to say is, today my Microsoft Outlook Connector suddenly stopped working.

I have a Hotmail account. It is about 12 years old. It is the second e-mail address I got in my life. For many years it suited all my needs.

When I had to switch to Outlook Express, it took me about 1 minute to hitch it on to Hotmail, and everything worked perfectly.

About a year ago I started using full-scale Outlook, just because some illogical behaviour of Windows prevented me from doing something I needed, otherwise. It took me about 1 minute to hitch it on to Hotmail, and everything worked perfectly. Outlook has some extremely strange bugs but I eventually got used to them.

Then Microsoft decided that this is not good enough.

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Microsoft, PHP, Open Source and free food!

Information courtesy of Joey DeVilla:

Garret Serack is a Calgary native who joined Microsoft two years ago as a software developer and program manager – working exclusively on open source at the Microsoft Open Source Technology Centre in Redmond. Garret’s current role at the lab is making PHP run faster on Windows,as well as working closely with the Open Source communities on similar projects. He’s going to be in Toronto on Tuesday, May 12 at Kultura Restaurant at 5:30 p.m. for an informal session to discuss his role at the lab over appetizers and drinks.

Kultura is at 169 King St. East (just east of Jarvis).

If you want to attend, drop a line to Joey DeVilla:

Free Microsoft software for startups

The Linked .Net Users Group (LIDNUG) is now a BizSpark Network Partner.

BizSpark program run by Microsoft gives you access to all kinds of Microsoft software for development, test and production. There is no cost to enroll and you pay just USD$100 when you exit the program.

LIDNUG is now a BizSpark Network Partner. To get access to BizSpark, send an email, and LIDNUG will respond to you with a code you can use to register.

For more details about what you get through the program, please visit “What Do I Get”.

Startup Eligibility Requirements

An eligible startup must have the following characteristics at the time of joining:

* Actively engaged in development of a software-based product or service that will form a core piece of its current or intended business
* Privately held
* In business for less than 3 years, and
* Less than US $1 million in annual revenue