Be lazy

Instead of checking daily to see whether any new jobs have been posted, which I hate and always forget to do, I subscribed to their RSS feed.
Now the new jobs will be delivered into my Google Reader which I read every morning over coffee.

Besides, I found out (I probably knew that before, from the days I worked as a secretary, but forgot) that you can use Word mail merge to print mailing labels (one for each addressee you have in your database). This will save me a lot of time over Christmas when I usually mail traditional paper postcards.

Being lazy saves you time and, eventually, money.

My resolutions for February (#LifeCampTO)

Following LifeCampTO, I decided to post my resolutions for February. I always found that talking to people about what I am going to achieve actually stimulates me to do it. So, here goes:

1. Spend at least 1 hour a day proactively promoting my business (like sending out emails, calling people on the phone, making presentations).
2. Make steady progress with the Russian translation of Someone comes to town…
3. The first revision of my translation of Iris Murdoch‘s Philosopher pupil has returned from the editor – I have to implement her suggestions and make at least one more iteration before the deadline (March 1st). Hopefully one iteration will be enough.
4. York is back to classes! And my technical writing class is on starting the day after tomorrow. This semester, long overdue, will end on March 1.
5. I start working on another SR&ED claim tomorrow. Tight deadline on this one, too – possibly the end of February.
6. I need to put up my website, finally. I sorted out the domain names, too (registered, and
7. I will be helping Reuven Cohen at the CloudCamp.
8. I want to go for a 15-minutes walk daily and drink a lot of water, according to Flylady‘s advice.
9. I need to contact all the people whose business cards I collected over the last month and invite them to my SR&ED presentation.
10. I have to set up the date for the said presentation and find a location (I think it will be CSI on Spadina, if I can get it).

I think that’s all, but if anything else springs to mind, I will put it here. If I don’t achieve these goals by February 28, you can hold me accountable!

LifeCampTO notes

Sacha Chua posted notes from LifeCampTO. They are full of productivity and motivational tips and good advice.

The next LifeCamp might be held on February 28, 2008. I’ll keep you posted.


Sacha Chua is organizing a LifeCamp to share best practices and support for New Year resolutions and goals for the year. There are still some spaces left!
Register here

New Calendar page showing my events

Aha! I outwitted WordPress, in a way. Look at the top of the main page, above the image header – there is a link to the new page called MY CALENDAR. Now you will be able to see the events I share. It is not as convenient as seeing the entire calendar in a frame directly on the page, but it will have to do for a while.

If you want to receive notifications of the new events I post, leave your e-mails in the comments and I will think of something.

Bitter disappointment

I wanted to create a public Google calendar and share it through a frame in my blog, to give people information about what’s going on in Toronto. But I found out I cannot do that because WordPress does not allow iframes. Reason? Because then the people “would have no control over what is displayed through the frames”. So droll! Next time they will not let people look out of their windows because people “would have no control over what is going on there”, or something.

Oh well, I’ll have to wait until I have my own website, then. Hopefully I’ll manage to put something up within the next month.

My social networking (for business and pleasure)

I talked to my SEB program advisor the other day and mentioned that I try to attend one networking event a week, and not more than that (otherwise, I would have no time for the actual work). She was pleasantly surprised that I manage to find so many networking events while some other people just have no idea where to go and how to start. In fact, once you have a social network established and use the proper tools, the information starts coming from all directions.

All the further stuff is trivial for a digiterati, so, if you heard of Twitter or know what a RSS is, don’t bother to read on. However, today I got another reminder of the digital gap: a classmate in YorkU proudly mentioned she was going to a workshop where they will teach her to use comments in Microsoft Word and other advanced stuff. So, I suppose, these notes could be of use to someone. Read the rest of this entry »