Maker to Making a Living

Maker to Making a Living is a workshop series designed to guide crafts-people through the process of under-standing, designing and building their individual businesses. CraftSmarts are the Ontario Crafts Council’s year-round series of professional development workshops. The program focuses on fostering the skills required to be successful as a small business owner, as an exhibitor, and overall, as a maker that needs to ‘make it’ in the greater cultural community.
Led by maker and award winning business leader Jacqueline Sava, attendees will be guided through an eight-part series of lectures, exercises and activities focused on the development of their own craft-based business practices.
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If it’s ugly, it’s probably not well done

One of the basic principles of engineering and design is: if it’s ugly, it’s probably no good from the engineering point of view either.
The new AGO building      already sprung a leak. QED.

A new blog on photography

My friend Alex Gridenko, a photographer and graphic designer, who also restored photographs of Prokudin-Gorsky (and who is responsible for the header photo of my blog), now blogs in English.
Check out his blog for great photos and design insights.
Alex Gridenko – Graphic design, photography and image restoration

The new AGO is a usability nightmare

I visited the new AGO today. And yesterday I started reading “Why we buy“, a wonderful book by Paco Underhill. One would think there is no connection between the book on shopper’s psychology and an art gallery visit. However, today when I approached the gallery and then roamed its vast rooms, I thought about the book more and more. Why?

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Merry Christmas (Old style)

Two cartoons illustrating Gaza problem

Stephen Pastis, “Pearls Before Swine”

Animated history of Latvia

Another nice cartoon