About me

I am Tania, a Russian Canadian (or a Canadian Russian). I was born in Moscow, Russia (then USSR), left for Canada in 1999 and have been living in Toronto since then. (I also lived in Newcastle, UK, for a year; I dearly love that city and hope to come back there again one day.) I have two children who are now university students.

I am a translator and a technical writer. I have published several book translations (Margaret Atwood’s “Life before Man”, to name just one) into Russian. (I have been doing translations more or less all my life, as a hobby or additional source of income, but switched to it full-time in 2007 when I was fired from a certain corporation-that-must-not-be-named.) Now I am a freelancer and tremendously enjoy the lifestyle.
I also do technical translations (IT-related, mostly, as I have been in software development for 15 years), provide SR&ED consulting and write technical documentation.
I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University, an MCAD certification, and several certificates: one in Technical Writing from YorkU and two from U of T SCS (one on Financial Management and one on Enterprise Risk Management).

I am currently working on the Russian translation of “Someone comes to town…” by Cory Doctorow (under Creative Commons license) and just completed translation, for a Russian publisher, of “Nation” by Terry Pratchett. After that, I am going to work on “The Year of the Flood”, the latest book by Margaret Atwood.

Some information about my business and explanation about SR&ED

My page on proz.com: English – Russian Translator

My profile on LinkedIn

My business sites:
Translation Services (English – Russian)
SR&ED Consulting

My LJ (in Russian) http://oryx-and-crake.livejournal.com/

My Twitter http://twitter.com/TaniaSam
My business Twitter account http://twitter.com/SRED4you

Header photo(s) by Alex Gridenko

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