My I’ve Been Had week, or Coupon Rant

As I had said in , I tried to reach the people for McLuhan Future Festival or whatever its name is, to recover the money I’ve spent on buying a ticket to their 3-days Vortex Videogame Competition event that petered out to two hours. The e-mails are bouncing, and their web domain of is for sale, so I suppose there is no way to recover the money. Oh well. Such things happen. The only thing I don’t understand is, is it really so easy to call yourself a Mighty Fund of All Things Bright and Beautiful, rip people off, and vanish into thin air?
I am going to contact PayPal and find out whether anything can be done still. It being over a year, probably nothing, but I can at least try. Will keep you posted.


Interestingly enough, I’ve been had this week again. I bought a certificate to Punch Fitness at Fabfind. Let me tell you, the concept of customer service at this company varies from crappy to non-existent. To avoid wasting words, here are some figures:
The easiness of getting information about schedule, on the scale of 1 to 10: -1. There was no website or it was down (it is up now, though, but it wasn’t at the time).
Phone calls answered: about 1 of 10. I called and called and called, and I left voicemails. I only got lucky once, and the person on the other end promised to get back to me and hanged up. He did call me back… about 2 weeks later, and he gave me some info about classes schedule that proved to be mostly incorrect.

So I decided to just come over. After stumbling for a while in a dark backyard I found the door. I had to knock and ring for about 5-7 minutes. At last someone deigned to open, and, having done so, wandered away. There was no receptionist of any kind and no class (contrary to what an employee told me on the phone). I had to go around looking for people in a mostly deserted facility and at last a random customer told me that I have to go downstairs. I found out that so-called Punch Fitness is located in a dingy basement. There is no changing room whatsoever, just a couple of chairs in the washroom, and some lockers in a meter-wide hallway. I felt sick and left immediately. Honestly, I don’t care if their trainers are geniuses and could make me into a Miss Universe in three weeks – if they scrimp on a decent changing room, for all I know they would scrimp on proper equipment and someone gets hurt. I don’t want to spend my money in a place where they treat customers like dirt, either. So my losses were $20 I paid for the certificate, plus some time and the wasted parking fee (there is no free parking, either). I don’t know if there is any lesson in that. I’ll try to get my money back from FabFind, but I am not sure if this is at all possible. Will have to review their refund policy. Will keep you posted…

Got a letter from my aparment building management today. They are increasing my rent 3.10% and say this is in line with the limit set up by Landlords and Tenants Board. Which is a lie because (as one can find out in a second) the said limit for 2011 has been set up as 0.7%. Will call LTB tomorrow and find out what can be done.

Since I’m ranting anyway, why does Fabfind ask for your email every time you enter the site, without an option to sign in if you are already a customer? And, having asked for it, why on Earth cannot it check that you are already a customer and sign you in? That’s the silliest piece of (un)usability that I’ve ever seen.


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