Trying to get my money back after Vortex Videogame Competition that never happened

The story is as follows: in late 2010 I bought an admission to Vortex Videogame Competition and Vortex Boot Camp, a three-day event on game development, with a dinner, a game development competition and so on, organized by a “McLuhan International Festival of the Future”. In January 2011 I received a letter from the organizer, Sari Ruda, saying that the competition had been postponed. The event got rescheduled several times, shrinking to 2 days, then to one, and eventually the organizers offered two hours (yes, two hours for the price of three days!) at a two-days notice. I was unable to attend at such short notice, and notified the organizers accordingly. You will probably guess what happened, or rather, did not happen next. I never got an apology and I never got my money back.
Since it’s been a whole year and it now becomes very clear that the event will never happen, I would like to get my money back. Today I wrote to Sari Ruda asking for a refund. Will I see my 160 dollars again? I’ll keep you posted.


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