My article for Blog Idol contest: Cloudcamp 1. The unpanel

A Cloudcamp was held in Toronto on April 6, 2010. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of a camp, it is usually an unconference: there is little or no traditional presentations (one active presenter vs. a more or less passive audience). Instead of that, most camps are unconferences where people just come face-to-face and share their knowledge. These notes are a somewhat shortened record of what was being said that day. (See the links for the sound files in the end of this article.)

In Toronto, we have camps for everything. There is a BarCamp, a BookCamp, a PodCamp, a ProductCamp and even a CupcakeCamp (I am not kidding! Definitely worth a visit if you have a sweet tooth). So, the CloudCamp was about cloud computing. (Wikipedia defines cloud computing as “Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like a public utility”.)

For the unpanel, the facilitator (Dave Nielsen) asked the crowd who they thought were cloud experts and then invited these experts to sit in front of everybody as the panelists.  People came up with the list of questions and the panelists got to choose a question and had one minute to answer it.

Now, most people just aren’t very far along the cloud deployment route. People are still trying to figure out things like security, lifecycle management, ROI, types of cloud, vendor lock-in, future of cloud, etc. The camp attendees varied from seasoned “clouders” like Reuven Cohen of Enomaly to complete newbies. Those are the questions that were offered by the audience:

  1. How do I do App Monitoring?
  2. How should I change how I design my app?
  3. How does Cloud affect the performance of my app?
  4. How do we bring Cloud to the mainstream?
  5. How do I address management concerns about security?
  6. How do I do automated provisioning?
  7. What are the key ROI measurements?
  8. How is software licensing different and is it possible to be non-compliant
  9. Are there standards for cloud?
  10. How do I start to take advantage?
  11. What is the future of Cloud Computing

Not all of them got answered but some certainly did, and the answers given were very interesting.

(Read more at BlogIdol website…)

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