The FTW! Coding Competition

The FTW! Coding Competition is your chance to show off your web development skills and compete for some great prizes. To win, you must either:

  • Write a new web application or
  • Port an existing web application

as long as it falls under one of these categories:

  • PHP application running on Internet Information Server (that’s our web server) and Windows Server (that’s our server OS)
  • Windows Azure (that’s our cloud computing environment) application, written in any language that works on it (C#, Visual Basic .NET, PHP, Ruby and Python)
  • Open Government application (using any of the Open Data catalogues on Windows Server or Windows Azure, using any programming language)

What Can I Win?

The prizes for the FTW! Coding Competition are:

First Place: The Dell Office Computer Makeover

  • Dell Precision Workstation 15” notebook computer
  • Notebook stand and port replicator
  • 27” widescreen LCD monitor
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Ferguson Hill FH007 sound system

Second Place: The Home/Office System

Third Place: The Road Warrior

A very portable and powerful system for the coder on the go.

  • Dell Adamo XPS 13 notebook computer

There are also plenty bonus prizes. Find out more about the FTW! Coding Competition, including all the terms and conditions of the competition, at the FTW! Coding Competition site.


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