PowerPoint Karaoke at the Drake

Power Point Karaoke (shouldn’t this be called Keynote Karaoke. For shame!) at the Drake

from Toronto Events Calendar by TOevents

The Night of February 05

A health & wellness event for everyone.

Part of Social Media Week.

To close out Social Media Week Toronto, we are going to be hosting a rocking session of PowerPoint Karaoke. The rules of Powerpoint Karaoke are simple. A set of presenters and local social media luminaries will be asked to play the role of an earnest expert speaker on topics such as ‘How to succeed at social media without really trying‘, or ‘What to do when someone on the internet is wrong‘, or ‘My sensational life as a japanese tentacle porn star‘ etc.* Each presenter will be given exactly 5 minutes to present and a set of slides they have never seen before. Each presentation deck will be stuffed with facinating imagery, emphatic infographics and genuine business-speak bullet points drawn from real powerpoint decks we’ve found on the internet. Naturaly, in the hands of a less-skilled presenter, some of this totally random content might seem somewhat ‘tangential’ to the topic at hand. But as you will see, these challenges will be no problem to our powerpoint rockstars.

At the end of the evening the audience or jury will be asked to vote for the winning presentations based on humour, style points, or general awesomeness.

Register here: Power Point Karaoke at the Drake

Follow the discussion on Twitter: #PPTKTO

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