My list of literary translations as of today


Currently working on:
Cory Doctorow, Someone comes to town, someone leaves town…
A.S.Byatt, Children’s Book

Published as T.Samsonova:
Ernie Zelinski. Real Success Without a Real Job. (Эрни Зелински. Успех без офисного рабства)
Moscow: Gayatri/LIVEBOOK, 2006
ISBN: 5-9689-0076-8

Published as T.Borovikova:
Margaret Atwood. Life before man. (Мужчина и женщина в эпоху динозавров) Moscow: Eksmo, 2005.
ISBN: 5-699-09934-4

Caleb Carr. The Italian Secretary. (Калеб Карр. Итальянский секретарь)
Moscow: Eksmo, 2006
ISBN: 5-699-19149-6

Ken Kalfus. The Commissariat of the Enlightenment. (Кен Калфус. Наркомат просветления)
Moscow: Eksmo, 2006
ISBN: 5-699-20045-2

Jim Harrison, “Revenge.” Legends of the Fall. (Джим Харрисон. Месть/Легенды осени)
Moscow: Azbooka, 2007
ISBN: 978-5-91181-577-6

Neall Griffiths. Stump. (Нил Гриффитс. Культя)
Moscow: Eksmo, 2007
ISBN: 5-699-20232-3

Iris Murdoch, The Philosopher’s Pupil (Айрис Мердок. Ученик философа)
Moscow: Eksmo, 2009
ISBN: 978-5-699-39045-8

Joanne Harris, Coastliners (Джоанн Харрис. Остров на краю света)
Moscow: Eksmo, 2009
ISBN: 978-5-699-38128-9

Translated, pending publication:

Joanne Harris, Jigs and Reels (Джоанн Харрис. Чай с птицами)
Moscow: Eksmo, projected publication date 2010

Terry Pratchett, Nation
Moscow: Eksmo, projected publication date 2010

2 Responses to “My list of literary translations as of today”

  1. Ken Kalfus Says:

    Dear Tania,

    I see “The Commissariat of Enlightenment” is in good company. Good luck, всё хорошево!


  2. oryxandcrake Says:

    Hi Ken, nice to meet you at last 🙂

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