Attention developers… Do you have great software, but no budget for user manuals or help?

It might be your lucky day! A team of technical writers may choose to work on your project for free.

We are a team of 5 in our last semester of a technical writing course at York University. As a final project, we must choose a piece of software to document. This online documentation project is to be delivered by the end of May’09.

Besides our fresh and up-to-date technical writing skills, we have expertise in a variety of industries. Our team includes:
– A software developer with 15 years of experience, for professional understanding of your products and your users’ pain points
– A professional writer with several years of experience in public relations and broadcast journalism
– A teacher and writer with 20 years of professional media experience
– A graphic designer who will make your documentation look really good
– A documentation specialist with experience in the insurance industry

What is required from you?
1. Send a brief description of your software to and tell us why we should select your project.
2. Your software must have no documentation, or at least poor documentation that badly needs improvement.
3. You must be available to the team throughout the process so that we can ask you questions, to ensure that we create the best and most accurate user manual possible.


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