SR&ED – for accountants and business management consultants

SR&ED is a government program that refunds companies their expenditures on research and development. (Some information on SR&ED)

How can you benefit from SR&ED if you are not involved in R&D?

If you are an accountant, a business management consultant, or do something else that brings you in touch with many businesses, you may want to let your clients know about SR&ED. Some of your clients may be involved in research and development (technical, software and hardware development, printing, machinery engineering and any other technology-related activity may qualify). If you let them know about the program, they might get a very significant refund. We pay commission if you send someone to us and their claim is successful.

I am going to hold an information session on SR&ED sometime soon, targeting accountants and management consultants. Are you interested? If you know any other accountants or management consultants, please let them know about the session, too. The session will be held sometime in February and will be about 1 hour long. (If you are interested, leave a comment here or send me your contact information to AT

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