New immigration rules rant

The new immigration occupation list is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. The immigration authorities manage to make the whole thing more and more idiotic every time they change the rules (apparently, human idiocy has no limits).

Now, if you don’t have Canadian experience (haven’t worked or studied in Canada), you only stand a chance to immigrate if you belong to the new occupations list.
Let’s look at each position. Whom does our government want to bring into the country?

Financial Managers – I am not even going to comment THAT.

Financial Auditors and Accountants Yes, with vast experience of working under other countries’ rules, regulations and accounting standards. These people don’t stand a chance of being employed in Canada unless they are willing to start from the ground up again (i.e. from being accounting clerks) and obtain all certification, which may take years.

General Practitioners and Family Physicians (and various other medical personnel) Am I walking the same ground that the government people do? Have they ever heard that it is impossible for a doctor with foreign diploma to work in Canada in the professional quality? Yes, I know that there is a government program for re-certifying foreign doctors, a really huge and ambitious project with throughput of about 40 people a year. (Guess how many doctors will come annually under the new rules.) So, these people will have to join the army of pizza deliverers unless the Government changes the licensing rules which I doubt.

All flavours of managers Again the practicality of the government people is astonishing. How big is a chance that someone who just came into the country will be hired in a managerial role? I’ll tell you. Nil. (Unless we talk about a pop-and-mom shop or, maybe, a very small software development company.)

Various kinds of engineers Last time I heard, you could not work as an engineer without Canadian certification and experience. So these people, too, will be forced to take a survival job and undergo long and expensive process of certification.

Chefs and cooks Have you personally suffered from the shortage of chefs and cooks in Canada? Now, doctors and nurses may be a different story, but no one is going to do anything about it (see above).

This is a real circus. I cannot believe my tax money is wasted on the bunch of harebrained [censored] who came up with this ridiculous list. Now take me, I came to Canada as an independent immigrant, I have been gainfully employed most of the time since then (until I switched to self-employment), I have paid taxes (a lot of them), and all in all, because of my presence in the country, the Canadian economy won and I won and everybody won. Under the new rules, I and a million of other people wouldn’t have stood a chance. Now, instead of that, we are going to get more deceived and frustrated doctors and managers who will have to work as pizza deliverers or go on welfare. Who is going to win? Not they, not I, not you.


5 Responses to “New immigration rules rant”

  1. Siberian Cat Says:

    Generally speaking, these rules are not written for immigrants from Russia. Many more people come from US, UK, or France, and their experience and credentials are much easily recognized in Canada. Not too much consolation for our fellow countrymen, of course.

    I am appalled not to see our good old 2173 in this list. Of all immigrant professionals I personally know, software engineers are the most successful category. Are they TOO successful?

    I wonder when these rules came into effect.

  2. Alex Sirota Says:


    This is the Skilled Workers guideline — this is not the general immigration to Canada guideline. Canada wants more skilled workers than unskilled workers. Even if they don’t initially get a job in their area, at least they won’t be on welfare like many immigrants are when they come here. They will work to get back into the productive job that they deserve, if they indeed deserve it.

  3. oryxandcrake Says:

    Alex, you probably have not studied the rules close enough. I would not qualify under the new rules. I filled out the questionnaire at the Ministry of Immigration site. They told me I would not qualify unless I have Canadian experience. And if I am not a skilled worker, then who is?

  4. Siberian Cat Says:

    There are “Computer and Information Systems Managers” in the list, which gives some space for stretching – if you are not afraid to lie in the immigration papers. Or, one can immigrate to Quebec, they gladly accept IT specialists. The good old “stuffed or butchered” attitude.

  5. Dmitry Brusilovsky Says:

    I would not qualify as well.
    Circus indeed!

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