LinkedIn events application is horrible

LinkedIn events application is horrible.

1. There is no sorting whatsoever. You cannot sort the events by dates so the closest or the latest are on top. You have to browse the entire list every time to see if there is anything new – seriously, who has patience to do it?

2. There is no “Show me only the events in my area” option. You can limit the list to, say, November and December and your area, but you have to do it manually every time you want to browse events. Why would I want to see on my home page the events that will take place in May 2009 in India, when it is still November 2008 and I am in Toronto, Canada?

3. The past events are not removed. E.g. today’s the 14th, but I still see a Nov.11th event on my home page. This is ridiculous beyond belief.

4. I cannot specify a certain date range and see the events within that date.

5. I have to press the “Not Attending” button TWICE to make it really do something.

6. If I want to look inside the event description and go back to the events browsing, I have no other choice but to return to the very beginning of the list and browse again to wherever I was (8th page maybe, so I have to memorize where I was before going and looking at the event; opening this event in a new page isn’t working).

7. There is no option for seeing/selecting events posted by my contacts.

8. LinkedIn allows anyone – yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that’s ANYONE – to update events posted by anyone else.

Summary: if I released to the public something THIS half-baked, I’d have died of shame. It looks especially lame compared to the seamless integration of Meetup with Google calendar and the smooth event handling done by Facebook. Yes, and have I mentioned that LinkedIn does not offer any integration whatsoever?


2 Responses to “LinkedIn events application is horrible”

  1. Rona Rose Says:

    Tanechka, thanks for sharing. Your report is as of a professional tester! I was surprised to see so many new applications posted by LinkedIn, mostly mimicking the “rest of the world”, and I did not try due to lack of time. You saved me some “pain and suffering” 🙂

  2. oryxandcrake Says:

    You see, I have to use these things as I am going to events a lot and I have to follow what my contacts do. Naturally, when I see something I want to try it out. Looks like we’ll have to wait with LinkedIn events until so,eone sorts them out a little.

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