This video is crap

If I were talking to these kids face to face, I would say: hey, how about cutting down your Facebook time and meaningless e-mails and putting in some work or getting proper sleep? Basically, what they say is “we don’t know how to control our own time waste but blame it all on teachers who should come up with some new and miraculous way of teaching us, so we can absorb knowledge without making any effort”.

Actually, I realize that the intended message of the video is somewhat different (modern education requires using new media, etc.). This is questionable but at least there is a point for discussion. (Really, I don’t see much difference between a teacher drawing on a blackboard and a projector projecting slides that depict stick figures as if drawn on a blackboard, as in this presentation.) But whoever created the video completely failed to make that point. His students come across, not as victims of rigid and obsolete system but as lazy whiners that cannot take the consequences of their own actions (wasting time on thousands of e-mails and not doing the required reading, for example). As to this reading not being directly related to the students’ everyday life – of course it is not. These students will enter the workforce 3 or 5 years from now and will still be in there 30 years from now. Why should they learn the templates and routines of today? This, indeed, would be a waste of time. Fundamental science is not “relevant” to what we do every day, i.e. get up, dress, prepare and eat a hamburger, take a bus. Fourier transforms are not “relevant”. Human genome sequencing is not “relevant”. “War and Peace” is not “relevant”. Asymmetric p-n-transitions are not “relevant”. But if you take them out of the humankind, we are no better than a tribe of savages involved in a cargo cult.

As I have already said here and here (incidentally, quoting McLuhan as the video does), the art that apes the everyday life is dead crap. The real art does not reflect – it synthesizes and predicts. The same goes for education. Once we start teaching the young people how to press buttons on the latest modern device, whatever it is at the moment, instead of teaching them “irrelevant” fundamental things, we are doomed.

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2 Responses to “This video is crap”

  1. Rona Rose Says:

    Tanechka, spending time online is ADDICTION, and as being a sickness it is harmful to kids as they are not capable to work out antidots. It’s my sickness too, therefore I recognize the symptoms. ;)…There is only one way out: to lower the level of stress and to start seing “marvels” beyond the vertual reality.

  2. oryxandcrake Says:

    Hm. Maybe you are right. I never thought about that from THIS point of view.

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