30boxes.com sucks

1. Has no integration (except for importing my events from Facebook; for all the other types of calendars it suggests exporting events into a CSV file, and presumably I have to do this every time I add an event).
2. No integration for birthdays, even for importing them from Facebook (there was a box that I was supposed to click but it did nothing).
3. The thing assumed by default that I am in the US and adorned my calendar with Columbus day etc. There is life outside US, you know.
4. The application is full of bugs and usability crevices. The contact importing “wizard”, for example, does not allow you to import more than 100 contacts, but displays a “You can have up to 100 contacts in your account. To add more, you’ll first have to remove one.” about 200 times (my guess is, once for each contact that could not be imported).
5. I don’t really see the point of the whole thing, maybe it is the integration of social networking with a calendar, but right now it looks pretty unusable. Besides, a limit of 100 contacts is really, really funny. On the other hand, do I really need to know what 100 people are doing on any given day? I think I’d rather stick to Facebook for following what my friends are doing and to Google calendar+Toodledo (they actually integrate nicely) for todo lists and calendar functions.


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