WordCamp 2008

I enjoyed it immensely. (WordCamp is an informal gathering of WordPress users where people teach, learn, eat, drink and have fun.) Here are the slides and video from David Peralty’s (@brandingdavid) presentation on how to make your blog really work for you: http://ping.fm/DglIK. For me, this was the most interesting presentation throughout the whole WordCamp, also Rannie Turingan‘s presentation about making a visual gallery using WordPress, and Jamie Oastler‘s about WordPress as a content management system with the richest interactive open source set of plugins you can ever imagine.

The next WordCamp (2009) will be hosted by PHUG.ca. You can contact Melissa Feeney if you want to volunteer.


6 Responses to “WordCamp 2008”

  1. David Says:

    Thanks man. I appreciate that. I hope just about everyone learned at least one thing from my presentation. It was definitely a good time.

  2. oryxandcrake Says:

    David, I am no man 😉 Otherwise you are very welcome.

  3. David Says:

    I didn’t mean you were… It’s my 90’s Bart Simpson like slang coming into effect. And thanks for letting me know about the mistake in my post on BrandingDavid. Though I like the word I used better 😉

  4. oryxandcrake Says:

    Mine was a quotation from “LOTR”… Different epochs!

    David, may I ask how you found my blog in the first place? Did you follow the link from my Twitter account, or do you have a service set up that notifies you when your name is mentioned online?

  5. David Says:

    I have a service set up to notify me if my name is mentioned. 🙂 It shows in my RSS reader.

  6. oryxandcrake Says:

    Thanks David! Seems like a nice option. Will probably use it too, once my blog gets enough visitors.

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