Meetup + Facebook + kittens

Found out there is a Meetup application on Facebook. My heartfelt thanks to whoever wrote it. It is not very integrated (i.e. the meetup meetings will not appear on the FB Events calendar, or maybe I am missing something again, a fake highlighted blonde that I am). This kinda defies the idea of integration. However, I can now see what meetups my FB friends are going to (only if they registered Meetup on Facebook, which isn’t very integrated either.) However, there might be such feature on Meetup as friends search by name but I did not find it. However, Meetup, unlike Facebook, DOES have a “export event into your calendar” button that makes life easier.

So, the things that would be nice to have in Meetup-Facebook integration:

1. To be able to see my meetups in one list together with my Facebook events.
2. To see meetups of all my FB friends, not just those who added Meetup application.
3. To be able to dump my FB friends list into Meetup and friend them on Meetup too (right now, as far as I know, Meetup has no people search whatsoever, or maybe I don’t know where to look).

Alternatively, of course, people who use Meetup can migrate to Facebook and stay there so everybody is happy. AFAIK, aside from “export event into your calendar” button, Facebok has all the same functionality implemented.

On the same note (or an altogether different one), I found out that Jane Zhang fosters kittens for Toronto Humane Society. My deepest respect. I have one cat (taken, incidentally, from the same institution) and that’s pretty much all I can do.


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