TTC rant

Today I had to go downtown for a networking event. I boarded the subway train and then realized that damn, I forgot to take a transfer, and I’ll have to change to a streetcar on King. I took a transfer inside St.Andrew station but it said: Not valid at St.Andrew. Could anyone explain to me what the heck is this? If I have a transfer, it means I was inside a subway station, and this in turn means I paid to get in there. So why the heck does TTC care where I got my transfer? Luckily, today the streetcar driver did not pay attention to my “illegal” transfer use, but he could, and then I surely would have had to pay again. Why?


2 Responses to “TTC rant”

  1. Steve Willson Says:

    The transfer thing sucks a bit, but they had a problem with people taking transfers at the station then giving them to people outside (i.e. their friends). Now if you had some foresight, you could take a few at your origin and give them out…but I guess they think that takes planning, which most “fare jumpers” don’t really have.

  2. oryxandcrake Says:

    To Steve: frankly, this does not make a lot of sense…

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