Facebook rant

Am I the only one freaked out by Facebook’s manner of posting updates? I’ll explain.

For example, one of my FB friends has recently updated her profile, including “relationship” in the list of things she looks for (you know the one I mean: “looking for networking/friendship/etc.”) FaceBook promptly notified me of the following: “AA BBB is now looking for a relationship!” I wonder what would my update say if I decided to include some personal information into my profile: “Tania is now interested in men and is looking for dating!” A nice thing to tell all of my FB friends, no doubt. Looks like a sudden orientation change or something.

I am also seriously pissed off by Facebook’s manner of referring to me as “them” and “their”. People normally do indicate their gender when filling out a FB profile, don’t they? So why doesn’t Facebook implement the simplest piece of logic that would use “him” and “his” for males, “her” for females and, OK, “them” and “their” for those with gender not indicated? Come on, this is not rocket science.

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