Visuality, left-handedness and totalitarian upbringing

Attended a workshop on Visual Thinking with Dave Gray. Liked it tremendously. Dave divided us into groups to do some visual thinking assignments, and I noticed that 2 out of 5 people in our group were left-handed. (And, viewing the workshop photos later, I saw other people on them that were writing with their left hand.) That’s 40%, quite a lot, as according to Wikipedia only about 13% of all people are left-handed. Made me wonder whether left-handedness is in any way related to being a “visual” person as opposed to “verbal”. I believe that different hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different kinds of information processing.

I also remembered how, when I went abroad for the first time, to UK, I could not but notice how many people there were left-handed. I don’t think that Britain has a lot more left-handed people than Russia; it is just that in Russia the general policy was to force all left-handed children to switch to their right hand, because, you see, in the proper socialist society everybody should be alike.


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