My 10-minute presentation

I have to create a 10-minute presentation for the SEB class, the last one; we have no classes after that and will work on our business plans from home. I copypasted my so called clarity of offering from one of the assignments and then I got stuck (what they call a writer’s block). Then I got the brilliant idea of writing here. I have to say something about myself in the blog anyway, so why don’t I talk a little about who I am and what I do, killing two birds with one stone.

My name is Tania Samsonova. I provide information services: business and technical writing (documentation, user manuals, web-site content, SR&ED claims), translation (Russian to English and English to Russian), localization and interpreting. My motto is: “We will get your message across”.

Who are my clients? All of you are my clients because I can help each of you. Each of you has a message, each of you has something to communicate to your clients.

If you have a web-site or planning to have one, I’ll help you to develop content. Your web-site is your message, your web-site is the image you project to your clients. I can give you valuable feedback on usability and appearance. You work on your website, you nurture your image, but other people may perceive it differently, and a message that seems very clear to you may come out muddled. You can avoid this if you ask someone to go over your web-site and make sure everything is OK. This means editing the texts so they are easy to read, convey the message clearly and don’t contain nasty grammar mistakes.

For example, let’s say someone developed a news website and selected the following url for it: It never occurred to him that this url will look a bit different when all letters are in lowercase. Or let’s take a less drastic example. John is a web-designer who designs news portals. He calls his website What would the potential visitor think? Most likely, that this is a web-site that contains John’s personal news. Who cares about John’s news, says the visitor and goes over to the next web-site called Oh, the visitor says, it says “your news”, it means my news, there must be something in it for me! John has lost a customer. He could have avoided that if he asked someone to go over the web-site and make sure that it gets the message across properly. I will make sure of that.

The information development services I provide will also help your web-site look good. Instead of showering your visitors with figures, try a chart. Instead of a thousand words, one picture. That will go straight to the target.

If you deal with technology, I’ll help you to create all types of documentation: technical specifications, user manuals, reports, anything you want written. In all cases I will work closely with you to ensure that the documentation really expresses the meaning you want to convey.
You will say: I can do that myself! Am I not the creator of this product?! Do I not know it from A to Z? Of course, you can and you do. However, you writing your own product manual might not be such a good idea exactly because you are an expert. You know so much about your product or service that you take many things about it for granted. You will honestly forget to mention some crucial detail that will make or break your product in the eyes of the user. You may not even include the product’s purpose description, because it is “evident”! Of course, looking at the world with one’s own POV is only human. Well, some things may be evident for you, but for your prospective customers they are not. Bad manuals frustrate the users and may cost you a client.
If your business is still young and you cannot afford a 24/7 helpdesk, a good user manual is even more important.
Now, a technical writer is someone who is trained to look at the world from the user’s point of view. This guarantees that you will have a good, complete, thorough, professionally written document, carrying a persuasive message about the quality of your product.

If you do research and development, I’ll help you to receive a refund from Canadian government within SR&ED program. It is a federal tax incentive program that refunds Canadian businesses their research and development (R&D) expenditures.
You may ask: Can’t I do that myself? Cannot our in-house specialists do the SR&ED claim?

You can certainly try. However, I doubt you’ll be pleased with the results.
Doing a claim yourself can be extremely time-consuming. You can spend up to two weeks (or more) of internal man-hours working on an SR&ED claim, when our processes can reduce your total time commitment to a couple of days? We keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest SR&ED regulations. SR&ED claims are our speciality. We make sure we do them better, faster, and less expensively than someone trying to do so in-house. Otherwise, what’s the point?
Through our contingent billing option, we also don’t charge a penny unless your claim is successful.

If your company is doing business with Russia, or you provide a service directly to customers and a large part of your clientele is Russian, or you have a web-site, for example an online store, visited by a lot of Russian-speaking people, you may benefit from translation or localization services.

You may say: I can do the translation myself, or an employee of my company, a native Russian speaker, can do it.
Of course you can. But we are professional translators. So we make sure we do it better, faster, and less expensively than someone in-house. Why distract your employees from generating profits for the company? Delegate the translation to us. Your time as a business owner and manager is much more valuable than the fees you pay to outsource the job to a translator.

You may ask: Why is TIS better than others? Why should we do business with you?
The more technical your subject, the more important is that your translators and technical writers know it inside out. People familiar with subject are likely to produce a better text. I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. I have professional knowledge of the subject matter. I have associates from several other industries, highly skilled professionals. I have solid experience in translation: 6 books in my translation have been published by major Russian publishers. You can see one of them here, it is a book written by a Canadian, Ernie Zelinski.
Besides, I studied technical writing in a major Canadian university and acquired solid professional writing skills.
We will understand the subtleties of your technical issues and convert them into words.

Once again, the company name is TIS. TIS provides information services: business and technical writing (documentation, user manuals, web-site content, SR&ED claims), information development, translation (Russian to English and English to Russian), localization and interpreting. My company’s motto is: “We will get your message across”.

If you:

– have a website or any informational materials (posters, brochures) or need them developed and want to make sure that your clients get the right message, or
– deal with technology and need technical documentation or user manuals written
– do research and development and would like to get some money from the government, no strings attached
– have Russian clientele, do business with Russia or have a web-site with a large number of Russian-speaking visitors,

you will certainly benefit from our services.
I should also mention our competitive introductory prices and a special discount for SEB participants. Thank you. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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